About Us

Get It Right, First Time

Tradesmen United are recruitment specialists for construction workers and tradesmen, helping people find work in construction jobs, construction management and other blue-collar careers.

Local to Chicago, we saw the need to find employees for construction companies as a gap in the market that had not yet been filled in our area.

Having worked in the construction business ourselves for many years as tradesmen and in other blue-collar positions, it is an industry we know well and knew we could succeed in.

Safeguarding Tradesmen and Employers

A big concern for us was the way in which tradesmen were hired and treated. We wanted to alter this to ensure the best possible jobs and services for tradesmen and employers alike. This is why our website includes a reviewing system, for both workers and recruiters, to ensure total transparency throughout the recruitment process.

Our wealth of experience enables us to use our skills and knowledge in supplying a first-class service to all of our candidates and clients, and we put a lot of consideration and time into ensuring the right candidate is found for the role.

Our goal was to make job hunting and recruiting for tradesmen and construction managers simple, easy and “all under one roof,” so to speak.

With hundreds of recruiters and tradesmen now posting on Tradesmen United, it’s safe to say we have achieved our goal.

We are dedicated to finding the right employees for the right positions and work tirelessly to do so, making our services personal, professional and reliable.

Ensuring the highest standard of service, every time